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About TEI

 is a corporation in Chattanooga, Tennessee that imports and distributes wooden furniture throughout US and Canada. 
Growth has been evident during the years since its beginning in October of 1988. 
  has a new permanent home as seen in the photo of our new facility with offices, assembly, warehouse and shipping.
We are making progress to become”green”efficient with the installation of solar energy.
 provides fine oak furniture as well as hardwood furniture wholesale to furniture stores 
(a good mix of customers who are “Mom and Pop” stores, chain stores and larger distributors). 
All chairs, barstools, benches and rockers are assembled here in our warehouse with a process that provides a durable products that are built to last.
Also carries a variety of furniture that includes Home Office Collection, Dining Sets, Bedroom,Hutches and Buffets, Occasional Tables, Case Goods and Accent Items. 
Most of the items are available in Harvest and Burnished Walnut finish.
 demonstrates a commitment to provide quality products at competitive prices, while maintaining quality service and relationships with its customers.
 is also committed to the future through continued growth in the furniture industry that will benefit customers, employees, and community.
  is in the process of a digital transformation. It is our goal for   to do business with all digital transactions.
Our project isn’t complete yet, but we are working on going paperless, all digital transactions with a completion date by the end of 2021 or early 2022. 
 is a Wholesale Furniture Company; Products are only sold to our authorized dealers, which are then distributed throughout U.S. and Canada.
If you are interested in our products, please contact our local dealers in your area.
Thank you for considering our products to be part of your family and life.
To All Dealers
Sales Manager and VP of Sales, Glenn Moody, continues to lead an excellent team of TEI employees since 1992. 
Each TEI team member contributes to the success of every department – office, sales, assembly, warehouse, shipping, administration. 
We appreciate Glenn and his consistent leadership and say “thank you” to every TEI team member for your help in TEI’s success throughout the years.  We look forward to the opportunities in the future to serve you.
 continues to grow under the experienced leadership of Glenn Moody as Sales Manager and now Vice President of Sales.
Glenn has been with  since 1992 and has contributed to the success of every department. We appreciate Glenn and say “thank you”for his help in ’s success throughout the years. 
If you’re interested in our current "On sale" products, the prices are very favorable. 
Please contact your local sales rep or our TEI headquarters
Thank you.